Okay, so today I get to write about something that’s actually a very personal thing to me. I have a type-A brain (go figure) and I have a hard time turning my brain off and staying present in the moment. This is compounded with all of the interruptions of today’s everyday life from phones / running a business / Facebook (I have serious addiction y’all), etc.

Staying present can be extremely difficult for me as I LOVE my job, I’m extremely type A and hyper-aware of timing and logistics for everything which can mean it’s really hard for me to stay in the moment since I’m always thinking 1 – 5 steps ahead. Even as I write this, I’m thinking about when I need to leave to get to the dentist on time. *sigh*

So – why does this matter? Because your wedding day is important.

It’s critical that you’re able to release the stress and turn your brain into NOW mode and be absolutely present during your wedding.

What do I mean by present

Present, to me, means your brain (and heart) is focused on the here and now. You’re not thinking about anything other than what is happening in that moment, the person standing next to you, the feeling of your hand in theirs.

So here are my top 3 tips to help you stay present during your wedding day:

1 – Hire (and Trust) your planner

This is going to seem oddly self serving (sorry) but hire a planner. And. Trust. Them. It’s important that you trust that your planner will keep you in the know for what’s coming next and guide your experience. That means that you can switch that little thing in your brain, that’s worried about time, off and pay attention to what’s going on around you and trust that someone else is keeping everything else on track.

2 – Stay off your phone

Hand your phone to someone else and tell them you just want them to handle it. Handle it doesn’t mean reading me funny text messages from my phone or telling me that Aunt Martha is texting me for directions because she doesn’t know how google works. It means – handle it. Call that person back, text that person that the couple isn’t available and they’ll get back to you later. This means at the beginning of hair / makeup. You won’t regret not having your phone, trust me.

3 – Delegate tasks

Have something to pick up on the wedding day? Pay for the professional delivery when available or have a friend or family member take care of it or ask if it can be picked up in advance instead (ya know, unless it’s edible). This means you’ll have less on your mind about what you need to do and the ability to be present where you are.

We know it’s hard to stay in the moment and be truly present, but we would love to help you commit to staying present and thoroughly enjoying your wedding day.