Full Service Wedding Planning

The full service wedding planning package has it all. We take it from here! You just go continue to enjoy your engagement and merging your lives together and we will check in to get your decision making power with all the research already completed.

Here’s how it works.

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Let’s talk about you


  • Discovery meeting (video call call or in person) to discuss culture, design ideas, priorities and really get to know you so we can make sure that our planning reflects your goals and personality. If you’re doing your venue search with us, we will also cover your venue goals and needs.
  • We’ll get you set up in our step by step planning portal that will provide guidance and resources. Don’t worry, we’ll go through every step of the way with you to make sure your comfortable with the decisions.

  • We’ll chat with you about your budget and priorities. Do you need broken down payments because you’re paying as you go or should we go for paying in full so you don’t have to think about it again? What’s the budget overall and how does that impact your priorities. Let’s chat through this so we are all on the same page and know where we are and where we’re headed.

We get started


  • We take care of everything but saying yes. That means we reach out to vendors who we have vetted and know are a great match. We’ll work with them to get a proposal, negotiate the contract and then review the options with you so we can make a final decision together and hear your feedback.

  • Monthly calls as needed to review proposals and anything that you may need assistance with that falls on your side of the line. We can’t exactly know that Aunt Jude has an allergy to shellfish that we need to keep in mind when we get the catering proposal, so we set up a monthly check in to review all the details and progress.

  • Budget setup & management, full event design, vendor management, step-by-step guidance and support is all included

Let’s get married!


  • 10 hours on wedding day for Lead Planner + Assistant

  • We manage all the vendors from start to finish. That means we’ll make sure that everyone’s updated throughout the whole process, from the final guest count to your friend Samantha letting you know – oh, her boyfriend can make it after all.

  • Of course, you still get everything on the wedding day as well. Our team will be by your side to guide you throughout the day, ensure setup is done properly and everyone is comfortable and confident in what they’re supposed to do. Feel free to check out the wedding day management package for the full list.

Pricing starts at $7,500

Sounds like it was meant to be?

We would love to chat with you to learn about your vision and ideas so we can help bring it all together! Contact us for a free consultation and to check availability,