About Cassie Abbott

Hi! I’m Cassie. I’m the owner and lead planner at Truly Together Event Co. I’ve been working in the wedding and events industry for over 13 years. I established Truly Together Event Co. in early 2010 and went full time in 2017 and never looked back. I have planned or coordinated over 150 weddings and have learned something at each and every one of them.

Who should attend a Rehearsal?

April Mae Creative Who Comes to the Rehearsal? And What About Dinner? You’ve gathered your wedding party, planned your wedding, and now the special day is almost here; and you’re being asked about rehearsal plans. Where will rehearsal take place? Who needs to be at the rehearsal? What happens at the rehearsal? And who should [...]

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What should you do with your engagement ring during your ceremony?

This is such a great question and usually forgotten until you’re practicing at the rehearsal—until now! The answer is: it depends! Okay, that might not be the most helpful response, but let’s chat about the different options you have when handling that little sparkly pride and joy on your finger.  Grant Daniels Photography | @grantdaniels  [...]

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What to think about when selecting your wedding officiant

Selecting an officiant to marry you can be one of the most personal decisions you make through the wedding planning process. If you’re considering choosing a family or friend instead of a professional, we definitely recommend taking a look at the following tips to make sure you have a smooth experience! Katrina Barber Photography [...]

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50 Things your wedding planner thinks about

The mind of a planner is always on. We’re always looking at how to improve logistics, flow, design elements, timing, and so much more. Here are 50 things your planner is thinking about so you don’t have to!  PS - this is just considering coordination and doesn’t even touch all of the additional items that [...]

What does value based planning mean?

Misty Mclendon Photography We describe ourselves as value-based planners, so what does that really mean?  It means that at each step of our process from discovery to the wedding day, we take into account your values, your big picture, that feeling that you want your guests to walk away with into mind.  This [...]

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