Inclusive Wedding Attire: Beyond the Dress

When planning a wedding, attire is a significant element that reflects personal style and identity. For those who seek alternatives to traditional wedding dresses and tuxedos, embracing a non-binary approach to wedding attire offers a world of creativity and self-expression.

Non-Traditional Wedding Attire Options

Couples often look for ways to express their individuality while honoring the commitment they are making on their wedding day. Options range from tailored suits to unconventional dresses, allowing each individual to feel authentic and comfortable.

  • Tailored Suits with a Feminine Twist: A popular choice is a suit that blends masculine and feminine elements. This can be achieved through cuts, colors, and accessories. For instance, a suit with a cinched waist, flared trousers, or embellished lapels adds a feminine touch while maintaining a classic silhouette.
    • Mix-and-Match Separates: Another trend is combining different pieces like a tailored blazer with a flowing skirt. This approach offers flexibility and personalization, perfect for those who don’t want to commit to a single style.
    • Bold Colors and Patterns: Moving away from traditional whites and blacks, incorporating bold colors and patterns can make a statement. Vibrant hues and unique prints allow couples to showcase their personalities.
    • Accessorizing for Impact: Accessories can transform a look. Think statement jewelry, colorful bow ties, or custom shoes. These elements add personal flair and can tie the couple’s looks together.


  • Jumpsuits and Rompers: These are excellent alternatives to dresses. They range from sleek and sophisticated to playful and casual, suitable for any wedding theme. A jumpsuit or romper could also be paired with a suit jacket for a more formal look for different sections of the day.
  • Flowy Tunic and Pants Sets: Offering comfort and elegance, these sets can be as formal or relaxed as desired. They are especially suited for outdoor or beach weddings.


  • For a perfect fit, custom tailoring is key. It allows for adjustments in areas like shoulder width, chest size, and waistline, ensuring the attire complements the wearer’s body type.


In the end, wedding attire should reflect who you are. Breaking free from binary norms opens up a world of possibilities, ensuring that your wedding day look is as unique and beautiful as your love story. Embrace creativity, express your identity, and most importantly, feel comfortable and confident on your special day.


Pro tip! Not sure how to make sure you and your partner will jive well in photos? Pick a neutral wedding party member to share photos and inspiration with and they can help guide you to make sure that you end up with a cohesive couple look!


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