Nonprofit Events

Whether you need full planning assistance, custom consulting, or a coordinator to create and execute the run of show, we can help your event run smoothly and maximize fundraising efforts.

Let’s chat so we can create a custom proposal for you.

  • Discovery meetingĀ (phone call) to discussĀ culture, decor and budget priorities

  • Access to customized planning software to track budgets, payments, vendors and to do lists

  • Assessment and alignment of budget defined as a whole and broken down into each vendor

  • Onboarding meeting (phone call + screenshare) to review the setup of the software & review budget details

  • Monthly consulting phone calls (1 hour) to be used where you need it most. Common uses are: review proposals / contracts, overall big picture items, assess where you should spend your planning time for the next month, etc.

  • 2 hour agenda planning session (in person or conference call)
  • 10 hours on event day for Lead Coordinator + Assistant

  • Construction of run of show

  • Construction of floor plan

  • Confirm all vendor arrival times & responsibilities within 3 weeks of the event

  • Working with you on event day to make sure nothing falls through the cracks from cueing speakers to guiding the photographer to everything inbetween to make sure your fundraising goals are the main focus of the evening