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Gay Wedding Attire: Celebrating Love in Style

Gay Wedding Attire: Celebrating Love in Style When it comes to gay wedding attire, the key is to embrace personal style and authenticity. Here are some ideas that blend tradition with modern flair, ensuring every couple feels uniquely celebrated on their special day. Elegant Suits with a Modern Edge: For those who prefer suits, consider modern cuts, bold colors, or unique patterns. A well-tailored suit can be both classic and contemporary, offering a polished look with a twist. Custom tailoring ensures not just [...]

Inclusive Wedding Attire: Beyond the Dress

Inclusive Wedding Attire: Beyond the Dress When planning a wedding, attire is a significant element that reflects personal style and identity. For those who seek alternatives to traditional wedding dresses and tuxedos, embracing a non-binary approach to wedding attire offers a world of creativity and self-expression. Non-Traditional Wedding Attire Options Couples often look for ways to express their individuality while honoring the commitment they are making on their wedding day. Options range from tailored suits to unconventional dresses, allowing each individual to feel authentic and comfortable. Tailored Suits with [...]

Things couples forget to plan for the end of their wedding

You've spent months meticulously planning every aspect of your special day, from the perfect venue to your guests' dietary restrictions and seating chart. But trust us, among all the hustle and bustle, it's easy to overlook some crucial details at your wedding day's end. Why do we say crucial? In essence, we usually need this info to ensure everything gets distributed correctly. However, not many of our clients really think about it (or ask volunteers) until just before the wedding – only to find that you don't have [...]

Wedding Acronyms

  Common Wedding Acronyms  While you’re going through the planning process for your wedding, you will probably notice that your wedding professionals use a lot of acronyms. Let’s take a look at the most common ones so you can use them like the pro!  Family member and Wedding Party acronyms There will be a LOT of details that include family members and your wedding party. This is where you will see the most acronyms. Mother of the Bride (MOB) / Mother of the Groom (MOG) Step Mother of the [...]

Why you should have a mocktail on your wedding menu

Alcohol tends to be the main focus at a wedding, and we’re all for a good party but you should absolutely include a mocktail at your wedding bar. Rooted Trumpet Photography It’s all about the guest experience. Most couples pay a lot of attention to the guest experience as they go through planning their wedding. Asking questions like - Will your guests have fun? Do they have any allergies? Do you need to provide transportation? Etc. Yet, how often do the questions “Who can’t drink alcohol?” [...]

Food Truck Logistics

Food trucks are such a fun and engaging way to entertain your guests! I always say that we have a love-hate relationship with food trucks. When done well we LOVE them, but there are a lot of things to consider to make sure that they are done well. So, what things do you need to consider and plan for in order to make a food truck a success for your wedding? Where will your food truck park? Be sure to consider where your food truck can park, and [...]

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