We already know the “day of” package doesn’t really exist and starts well before the day of, so let’s talk about everything that a coordinator helps with on the special day.


checklistBefore I ever walk out the door, I run through several preparation steps. From printing my copy of the agenda (plus several extras), to checking everything in my emergency kit to see if there’s anything that could be added to help with today, I like to make sure I’m set up for the day. After those, I always make a grocery run for any last minute items. I’ll check in, see if there’s anything I can grab for you on my way. The most popular request is energy drinks 🙂

I also like to have a pre-game meeting with my assistant to make sure they know the best way to jump in when we arrive. They are my right hand and absolutely critical when it comes to set up and I’ll need their help to ensure setup stays on track!

Arrival & Setup

wedding-setupWhen I arrive, I check in with all the vendors and review the work of those that arrived before me. I usually arrive between 2 and 3 hours prior to the ceremony. Once I’ve established we’re running on time, I’ll pop my head in with the bride in groom if they’re getting ready on site.

My assistant will jump straight into setup, make sure the decor is on target according to our pre-game meeting. I’ll continue to check in with them to make sure they have everything they need and help manage any volunteers and vendors assisting with setup.

Next, I’ll greet all the vendors as th arrive, run through any day-of changes (such as rain plan, guest flow and other last minute details). I’ll show them where to set up and make sure they have everything they need which might include asking questions as they come up and ensuring everything is according to the couple’s specific instruction.

At this stage, it’s my job to help make decisions for you as you would if you are there. This why it’s so important that I understand your vision, so we can make any last minute adjustments if any are needed.


cut-the-cakeOnce the setup is complete, I’ll make sure everyone is aware of when they need to be each place by cueing each vendor (and you too) to make sure you know what’s coming up next and when you need to be there. It’s important that this is done in a kind way so I’m not constantly interrupting important conversations between you and your family and friends. I try to give you 5-10 minute warnings so you know your conversations will need to wrap up to a close and allow you to start edging your way towards the next activity.

All the way through the evening, I’ll keep up with all the vendors to ensure they know what’s next so we’re all working through each part together. First dance coming up? Is the DJ ready to go? Is the photographer setup in place with the correct lighting already prepped? What about you? Are you and your spouse ready to get on the dance floor? Great! Let’s go!

Through the evening, I’ll keep an eye on all the food and drink to make sure they are stocked appropriately and make sure guests are comfortable and happy.


Once all the guests have made their way out the door and we’ve bid the happy couple goodnight, the lights come up and we get busy. We help guide the breakdown team and make sure each and every item arrives at its correct destination. That means gifts, decor, flowers, cards, leftover food, cake, linens, rentals and everything else that has to leave out the front door of the venue.

These items will go in pre-selected vehicles to make sure they make it home with the right person so your gifts don’t wander off with someone you won’t see for a few weeks.

Vendors out

I’ll check out with all the vendors and make sure that they have received any gratuities earmarked for them as well as a final walk-through with the venue management (if applicable) to make sure that the entire security deposit is returned to you and we’re approved to depart.

From start to finish, we’re there to help. It’s a team effort to make sure everything is absolutely perfect from the emotional moments down to the logistics. A wedding coordinator helps make sure both emotions and logistics meld together for the most memorable day of your life!