Planners with Truly Together Event Co. are contract employees which means we have a general brand and message that attracts our clients and a developed process and system that all have access to use but each planner sets their own hours, accepts their own clients, and chooses what of the systems and procedures works for their process.

Preference goes to candidates with 6-12 months of intern level wedding planning experience (at a minimum) and the willingness to work for a season as a wedding day assistant (paid) prior to booking their own clients to ensure they like the work and agree with our values. Contract planners may choose to book as many or as few of their own clients as they like. We do not allow double bookings inside of weekends.

What does the day to day look like?

  • Create your own schedule
  • Sales
  • Meeting with clients and vendors
  • Email and phone communication
  • Networking
  • Creating timelines, reviewing logistics, and planning details
  • Conducting rehearsals and wedding days
  • Lead generation (while TTEC handles the bulk of this, you will get more out of your sales if you help to build sales also)
  • And of course, event days!

How do you know if this is for you?

  • You love people. This business is about relationships and emotions.
  • You thrive on logistics, thinking outside the box, and providing solutions.
  • You are looking for supplemental income with a flexible schedule (can grow into full time, but it helps to build into it)
  • You want to determine your own schedule and handpick your own clients.
  • You are confident in yourself and can sell it. You have to sell it to work it, so being able to communicate “Yes, I can take care of you” is important (and be able to carry that out).
  • Love free lunches, happy hours, and schmoozing from vendors. Relationships with vendors, venues, and clients are important.
  • You’re in a life-stage that can handle chaos and ever-changing schedules.
  • You can keep calm and collected in the face of unpredictable circumstances.
  • You value respect and relationships. We manage vendors who don’t work for us, they work for our clients. We must have mutual respect and a commitment to work together to succeed and grow.
  • You regularly practice de-escalation and use logic to solve problems.
  • You have a knack for organization. Maybe that means color-coded binders and bullet points galore.
  • You don’t mind being on your feet for 10+ hours on event days.

Preference goes to those who:

  • Have 6-12 months of intern level wedding planning experience (at a minimum)
  • Have certifications or degrees in events/hospitality
  • Have a background in design
  • Have a proven sales record
  • Are FUN
  • Are a team player
  • Have a reliable car
  • Have an emergency plan for pets and children that does not include yourself (We attract clients that are obviously flexible around major emergencies but if the school calls because your child is sick while you are meeting with a client that flew in to meet with you… what is your plan?)
  • Have your own computer, printer and work resources
  • Are willing to work on weekends and odd hours.
  • Have a can-do attitude
  • Are able to assess a situation and take initiative in a moment’s notice. Problem-solving is your jam!
  • Have a backbone and are confident, but are able to use grace and tact.
  • Have a clean and polished in appearance, communicating to buyers that they can trust you with design creation in cohesion with the Truly Together Event Co. brand.
  • Are assertive (but still respectful)
  • Are emotionally intelligent
  • Are detail-oriented (to the nth degree)
  • Are willing to sign a non-disclosure
  • Are not working with or owning other wedding planning companies


  • Wedding Day Assisting is usually 8-10 hours, give or take, and is $150 flat rate per event
  • Lead Planners receive 50-60% commission of each booking, based on experience and source of lead, and after training is complete. This is paid out commensurate with work on the wedding.
  • Planners working with Truly Together Event Co. are welcome to raise the price for an event to cover travel, the additional scope of service requests, etc.
  • After establishing proficiency in wedding coordination, planners can train for full-service planning leading to more hours, and higher package prices.

(Our base pricing is $2,250 for coordination. Please do the math based on the information throughout this post to determine if this could feed you. Please do not apply without educating yourself on if it’s realistic.)

What we provide

  • Built systems that have been honed through 10 years of business and growth.
  • Organization tools that help to manage everything from sales to execution of a wedding.
  • Hands-on mentoring
  • Ongoing support
  • Introductions to industry experts that will help you succeed in this career


  • We work remotely but have regular touchpoints to make sure you feel assisted and set up for success. Our hub is in Southwest Austin.
  • Weddings are in the Austin and surrounding areas (Dripping Springs, Georgetown, etc).

Real Talk

We work with couples on their weddings – that’s a big deal and we treat it that way. Those who are only interested for a season are not a great fit for TTEC as we book clients out up to 18 months and that client has met and knows you are their planner. We don’t mean to say that life circumstances all stay the same and there’s no turnover, but we keep it to a minimum as our clients trust us to take great personal care of them and that trust is important.

Please be honest with yourself about this position. This career requires personal growth, a lot of hats and a love for logistics and people. It’s high stress, fast-paced and a quick think-on-your-feet kind of position. Wedding Planning is ranked as the top five most stressful jobs in the country, year after year, among first responders and above C-Suite execs. The resources available to our contract planners + ability to work with amazing clients really does alleviate a lot of the stress but this is not a job to pursue based solely on thinking it sounds fun and exciting. While it is, it’s also incredibly hard.

How to apply

If I haven’t scared you away, you likely have a better chance of succeeding in this industry than those that bounced off so I’d love to hear from you. To apply, please follow these instructions:

  • email contact@trulytogethereventco.com Your subject line should have your name and “wedding coordinator” so for example- Jane Doe_Wedding Coordinator
  • please include a cover letter showing your knowledge of our company and of the industry; explain why you would be a good fit
  • please attach your resume.

Those not following these exact steps will not be considered.