Inclusive Wedding Attire: Beyond the Dress

Inclusive Wedding Attire: Beyond the Dress When planning a wedding, attire is a significant element that reflects personal style and identity. For those who seek alternatives to traditional wedding dresses and tuxedos, embracing a non-binary approach to wedding attire offers a world of creativity and self-expression. Non-Traditional Wedding Attire Options Couples often look for ways [...]

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Wedding Acronyms

  Common Wedding Acronyms  While you’re going through the planning process for your wedding, you will probably notice that your wedding professionals use a lot of acronyms. Let’s take a look at the most common ones so you can use them like the pro!  Family member and Wedding Party acronyms There will be a LOT [...]

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Food Truck Logistics

Food trucks are such a fun and engaging way to entertain your guests! I always say that we have a love-hate relationship with food trucks. When done well we LOVE them, but there are a lot of things to consider to make sure that they are done well. So, what things do you need [...]

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Invitation Details: What do you really need?

Kirsten Holliday Photography If I were planning to follow Emily Post standard, invitations would include many pages & inserts…  The main invitation would simply include the basic information: The names of the couple, wedding date, ceremony time, and venue location. Then you would include insert cards for every other piece of information. What it looks [...]

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Need help picking out a napkin fold?

Here are some options for you to choose from that are simple and easy to accomplish that will give design and intention to your guest tables. The Knot Fold  A great way to add a dash or color and casual form to your table settings. Compatible with: Salad service Chargers Buffet Family style Plated (with [...]

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What to include on your wedding website (by the time you send out invitations)

You’re almost ready to send out invitations, and you’ll need to collect your RSVPs, but is that the only purpose of your wedding website? A great tool for keeping all your loved ones that you’re inviting from asking you a hundred questions, your wedding website acts as an information catch all.  So... What should be [...]

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