We absolutely love the art of storytelling, and your wedding is one of the most unique ways to tell your story. It’s likely that your guests know some of it, but it’s always one of the most cherished activities for those guests who are close enough to get invited to your wedding to learn something new about you and your relationship!

Sometimes, the storytelling gets lumped in with DIY – but they don’t have to be! We love bringing in those small details to tell your story and provide those trinkets of fun into your special day. 

So, how do you tell your story without adding additional work? 

We’ve gathered some of our favorite examples below, but there are a million and one ways to do this! 

 Table names

Your tables can be more than just a number! From all your favorite movies, songs, destinations and date ideas, you can name your tables whatever you want! With each table name, have a short blurb on why you selected that specific one and that’s your storytelling piece!

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Do you share a hobby with your partner? You can bring that into the ceremony, and have your officiant let your guests know why that hobby means so much to you! 

Ali and Matt chose to have a whiskey blending ceremony at their ceremony that they’ll get to open on their anniversary for a tasty treat! 

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We have seen all kinds of unity ceremonies! Here are a few others that stand out:

A twist on the traditional unity ceremony: 

  • Sand Ceremony –  For a family, including different colors for the kiddos also to represent a new family for everyone.
  • Candle Unity – Add a twist to your candle unity ceremony by using the candle wax to seal letters you wrote each other to open on your anniversary. 

Unique and creative unity ceremonies:

  • Glass pieces that are combined during the ceremony and melted to become an art piece after the wedding
  • Whiskey blending (above)
  • Even building a small lego kit together #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork


Bar Menu

Use the menus you’re already creating as a part of your storytelling! Add a note about your first drink together, or offer your favorite date night drink – just make sure you include the ingredients and recipe for your bartender to make it! 

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Your storytelling is only limited by your imagination – we can’t wait to help bounce ideas with you! What story can we help you tell?