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What to have on your wedding website when you send out Save the Dates

Before you send out your wedding invitations, you might be sending out Save the Dates. If you are, what needs to be on your wedding website by the time those go out? Kirsten Holliday Photography Keep it simple. When you send out your Save the Dates, you won’t have all of your wedding details lined up yet. That’s ok! (Note: If you are having RSVPs tracked through your website, make sure you have this function turned off for now.) Here’s what you’ll need: Your names and personal story. How [...]

What to include on your wedding website (by the time you send out invitations)

You’re almost ready to send out invitations, and you’ll need to collect your RSVPs, but is that the only purpose of your wedding website? A great tool for keeping all your loved ones that you’re inviting from asking you a hundred questions, your wedding website acts as an information catch all.  So... What should be included in your wedding website? Of course, we want to make sure that the basics are covered: The Couples’ names and their story. (It’s cute and we want to hear about it!) Ceremony details [...]

Wedding Planning for Introverts – how to manage all the attention and still love your wedding

There are different types of people; those who love to be in the spotlight and those who would rather work their magic behind the scenes. But no matter what kind of person you are, this is YOUR special day. Here are some tips and tricks to help you feel comfortable, confident and ready to celebrate as an introvert! Kirsten Holliday Photography Respect your needs. Give yourself some quiet moments. When you’re introverted, it can be exhausting to be the center of attention all day. It could be really helpful [...]

Wedding Traditions in the LGBT+ Community

Stephanie Rogers Photography Wedding Traditions in the LGBT+ Community Planning a wedding is a lot of maneuvering through traditions; those you want to acknowledge, exclude, or rewrite. In the LGBT+ community traditions can look a little different than they do in Hetero, or opposite sex, weddings; from picking out a wedding party, to getting ready, to walking down the aisle. No matter which traditions you decide to have in your wedding, remember you can opt into whichever ones you choose! Let’s take a look at some of the options! [...]

Who should attend a Rehearsal?

April Mae Creative Who Comes to the Rehearsal? And What About Dinner? You’ve gathered your wedding party, planned your wedding, and now the special day is almost here; and you’re being asked about rehearsal plans. Where will rehearsal take place? Who needs to be at the rehearsal? What happens at the rehearsal? And who should come to the following dinner (if you’re having one), and where will that be? Where should rehearsal take place? When it’s possible, having the rehearsal at your ceremony site is going to make things [...]

All you need to know about Hotel Blocks

Rooted Trumpet Photography All you need to know about hotel blocks Let’s face it, a great part of your wedding will be focused on the guest experience as well, so you need to make sure everything will be perfect. As some of the guests will be coming from out of town, reserving their accommodation should definitely be on top of your planning list. Don’t know how to approach the subject? We’ve got you covered! Today we will explain all that you need to know about hotel [...]


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