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If I were planning to follow Emily Post standard, invitations would include many pages & inserts… 

The main invitation would simply include the basic information: The names of the couple, wedding date, ceremony time, and venue location. Then you would include insert cards for every other piece of information.

What it looks like: 

  • Invite with basic info
  • Insert – ceremony address & details
  • Insert – reception address & details
  • Insert – hotel & lodging information // transportation if it fits on the same insert
  • Insert – RSVP card 
  • Insert – Additional info for additional dinners / auxiliary events

However… for those of us who don’t want to spend so much money on stationery, what should that look like? Here’s a list of the information you want to include:

On the actual invitation: 

  • The Basics: names of the couple, wedding date, ceremony time, venue name & full address
  • A method for RSVP. Include either the link to your wedding website if you’re doing online RSVPs, or a detachable or insert RSVP to mail back.
  • Date that the RSVP is due 
  • Reception details. If your ceremony and reception are at the same venue, you can simply put “reception to follow” or “dinner and dancing to follow” depending on your formality
  • Other wedding events… if you would like to invite your whole guest count to an event that is for your wedding but on a different day (ie. day-after brunch, etc.) you can include that in your invitation, or a note that there is more information on the website. If you’re inviting a smaller group, you can include an insert in only those who are invited or mail completely separate invitations for those auxiliary events. 
  • Depending on the design of your invite, it might make sense to have a more traditional information spread on the front and then all the additional information on the back where you have more room. 

On the website: 

  • Formality level of the event. Is it black tie? Semi-casual? Help ‘em out a little. *Keep in mind that the formality of the design of your invitation will also indicate what you’re hoping for formality as well.
  • Wedding registry link or HoneyFund information. How can people give you a wedding gift? Are you downsizing and don’t want anything? Make sure to let your guests know.
  • Hotel block information & booking instructions 
  • Transportation details & instructions (parking details if self-driving is expected)
  • Things to do – for the times they aren’t at the wedding, what do you recommend?

What other pieces of information have you seen included on wedding invites before? What things have you wished, as a guest, you might have known before?