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Seating assignments – how am I going to let my guests know where they sit?

We get this question all the time! Sometimes this task can be daunting if you are doing it on your own, but we can break it down into just a few ways to get this information to your guests.

Are you assigning seats or tables?

The way to display can be similar for displaying which table a person is seated at, but with assigned seats, you’ll need to go one step further and also have an indicator at their seat (with their meal choice if you’re doing plated). It’s still important to let them know their table number so they don’t have to look through every seat at every table before finding their spot. I promise they’ll thank you for it!

What’s your table?

Generally, there are three main ways to display this although there are endless styles to choose from!

By Name

This is usually on a large board on a floor easel with all the guests’ names grouped by last name letter. While there are variances based on style, the premise remains the same. The guest finds their name and their assigned table is listed beside their name.


The overall look certainly has a wow effect!

It’s easy for guests to find their names and table numbers quickly.


It can be difficult to make changes if Uncle Joe finds out that his wife can come at the last moment.

By Table Number

Want to let people know who they’re sitting with? This works best for small to medium sized weddings so it’s easier for guests to locate their name as they scan the different tables.


With the individual table cards, it can be simpler to make changes should you need to shift Great Aunt Ida to a different table later in the planning process since it’s replacing one or two cards instead of a full board.


Sometimes they take a little longer to make initially and can take a little bit to set up on the wedding day, so be sure to allocate time and people for that task.

Individual tokens

This one makes the most sense without the assigned seat addition. The individual names and their corresponding table number (and sometimes meal selection) are laid out in alphabetical order on a table for guests to grab and take to their seats. These could be escort cards, favors with tags on them, marble tiles, and so much more. Your creativity is the limit!


Each wedding guest has a trinket to take home with them and there is a wow effect from seeing them all laid out in a design.


It can be time-consuming to make the individual items if they’re handmade and they can take some additional set up time on the wedding day. Be sure to allocate time and resources to set these out!

Need more ideas?

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