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What should you do with your engagement ring during your ceremony?

This is such a great question and usually forgotten until you’re practicing at the rehearsal—until now! The answer is: it depends! Okay, that might not be the most helpful response, but let’s chat about the different options you have when handling that little sparkly pride and joy on your finger.  Grant Daniels Photography | @grantdaniels    Take it Off  Sometimes a simple option is the best. Since finger size will vary from hand to hand, it might not be safe to put it on your other hand or even [...]

How to set your ceremony time 

As a general guideline, we recommend your ceremony be between 60-90 minutes before the sunset. So, let’s start with how we figure out where it should be!  Two Pair Photography | @twopairphoto First - let’s determine sunset.  Google this for your date, but be sure to spell out the month instead of using numbers or sometimes your month and date might get swapped and you’ll get the wrong season. Thanks, Europe! For the sake of this example, let’s assume that your sunset is 6:15pm.  Second - are [...]

What to think about when selecting your wedding officiant

Selecting an officiant to marry you can be one of the most personal decisions you make through the wedding planning process. If you’re considering choosing a family or friend instead of a professional, we definitely recommend taking a look at the following tips to make sure you have a smooth experience! Katrina Barber Photography | @katrina.barber Ceremony Planning Meeting This process should start 2 months before the wedding, to give you and your officiant plenty of time to discuss what you’d definitely like them to say (and [...]

50 Things your wedding planner thinks about

The mind of a planner is always on. We’re always looking at how to improve logistics, flow, design elements, timing, and so much more. Here are 50 things your planner is thinking about so you don’t have to!  PS - this is just considering coordination and doesn’t even touch all of the additional items that go into full service wedding planning along the way.  Where will each part of the wedding take place at the venue?  How will you get to each part of the venue?  What shoes are [...]

What does value based planning mean?

Misty Mclendon Photography We describe ourselves as value-based planners, so what does that really mean?  It means that at each step of our process from discovery to the wedding day, we take into account your values, your big picture, that feeling that you want your guests to walk away with into mind.  This can mean a few different things depending on your values as a couple, a few examples are below, but these are endless. Sustainability - we commit to make the world a better place in [...]

Wedding Planning with the unknown of Coronavirus

We are all in unprecedented times right now. There are so many unknowns and we all wish that we could have a crystal ball to understand what's coming. In all the uncertainty, we understand that planning a wedding can be a difficult concept at the moment. We wanted to share a few things we've been working through with our couples to help bring back the tangible logistics of planning. We do our best to try to take emotions out of some of the hard decisions. Our rain plan revolves [...]

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