This is such a great question and usually forgotten until you’re practicing at the rehearsal—until now! The answer is: it depends! Okay, that might not be the most helpful response, but let’s chat about the different options you have when handling that little sparkly pride and joy on your finger. 

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Take it Off 

Sometimes a simple option is the best. Since finger size will vary from hand to hand, it might not be safe to put it on your other hand or even a nearby finger. Instead, you can put it in a secure place like a ring box, on a necklace/chain, or give it to a trusted friend/family member for safekeeping. That way, you can move forward through your ceremony with one less worry on your plate! 


Wear it on Your Right Hand

If you’re a lucky person with fingers that are relatively the same size, then rock that ring on your right hand! That way, it’s never too far from you, and if you want, you can even put it back on your ring finger when the ceremony is done! This is actually aligned with the more traditional etiquette, and while we aren’t tradition-focused, it’s definitely something you should consider! 


Keep it on Your Left Hand

Of course, if you can’t tell, we’re just going more and more simple! Keeping the ring on your middle or pointer finger can make it an easy switch when the ceremony is. The tradition behind wedding rings stems from the belief that there is a connection between your ring finger (which used to just be a finger, no label) and your heart. Placing the sign of commitment on this finger showed the world that you were with someone you loved. Now, even in modern days, this is still a popular tradition. So keeping the ring on your left hand and slipping it on your ring finger after the wedding ceremony (or during cocktail hour) is still a kosher thing to do! 


Wear it on Your Ring Finger

Sometimes the even easier option is best! If tradition isn’t your thing (it isn’t ours either), then keep your engagement ring right where it is! Your partner can slide your wedding ring right on the same finger, and later, you can adjust it to where the wedding band is where it should be—closer to your heart! This takes some concerns right off the table, so it’s certainly worth consideration! Keep in mind that some religious ceremonies don’t permit any other ring on your hand—so be sure it’s okay if you’re leaning more religious during your wedding day. 


Do what feels best for you! If you’re still not quite sure what is a good idea since every event is unique, make sure to ask your planner about your options, and we’ll help talk you through what would be the best fit for you! 


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