Lots of couples are moving away from the traditional guest book. You know the one that has one line for each couple and gets shoved in a drawer a month or two after the wedding? Here are some of the cool ideas we’ve seen put together and we just wanted to share!

1. Puzzle Picture


Photo courtesy of Memory Lane Puzzles

One of my favorites (thanks to John + Shawna) is the puzzle photo guest book. They had a one-of-a-kind puzzle printed with a photo of the two of them. At the wedding, the guests turned over the pieces and signed them to create a collage of well wishes on one side and when put together, a beautiful engagement photo on the other side.

How do you go about getting a photo of you turned into a puzzle? Well, there are several places online that will create a special puzzle of a photo you provide, you can then break apart the pieces to make them easier to sign.

Now, what a great anniversary tradition to read and put together your own wedding puzzle!

2. Engrave The Frame

engraving-photo-book Instead of going in a drawer, this one gets hung on the wall or on a shelf for all to see!

Order a frame with metal matting and place any photo you like in there (usually an engagement photo). Your guests will sign the matte with special engraving pens so their wishes and signature are captured forever.

After the wedding, you can replace the photo with one from your wedding and display it in your home to admire. From far away it looks like an ordinary frame, but up close (or with lighting) you’ll see the engravings left behind by your guests!

3. Photo Booth Photo Book

Are you having a photo booth at your wedding? Use it as your guest book!

When your guests take their photos, have the machine print two copies, one for them and one for your book. The attendant can help your guests glue the second copy into the book and they can write their story next to it!

What’s your favorite guest book idea?