About Cassie Abbott

Hi! I’m Cassie. I’m the owner and lead planner at Truly Together Event Co. I’ve been working in the wedding and events industry for over 13 years. I established Truly Together Event Co. in early 2010 and went full time in 2017 and never looked back. I have planned or coordinated over 150 weddings and have learned something at each and every one of them.

Tips for planning your destination wedding in Austin

Planning from afar can be stressful! Austin is a hub for destination weddings for a variety of reasons, and we love it!  We work with remote clients all the time, so we wanted to provide some suggestions on how to manage planning remotely! We recommend planning three trips throughout your planning process, and we’ve broken [...]

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Staying present on your wedding day

Okay, so today I get to write about something that’s actually a very personal thing to me. I have a type-A brain (go figure) and I have a hard time turning my brain off and staying present in the moment. This is compounded with all of the interruptions of today’s everyday life from phones [...]

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